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Vault and Token Support
Vault and Token Support
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Superform Labs aims to make the browsing experience as safe and easy as possible. Superform Labs has implemented procedures to determine what is and isn't supported on the Superform App and API.

There are two categories of support:

  1. Vault Support: These are specific to the vaults (ERC-4626) on the platform that users can deposit into.

  2. Token Support: These are specific to the tokens (ERC-20) on the platform, used for depositing into or withdrawing from vaults.

Vault Support:



Vault Authenticated

Vaults that appears on the Superform Default Vault List. You can read about the list here: Superform Authenticated Vault List

Submit your PR to the Superform List on Github.

*As community-curated Vault Lists emerge, they will be usable on the Superform App.

Protocol Authenticated

Vaults that are not on the Superform Authenticated Vault List but are part of an authenticated protocol. Can read more here.


Vaults that are listed on the Superform protocol but are not associated with an authenticated protocol or on the Superform Default Vault List. Can read more here.


The vault's underlying token is on the Superform Unsupported Token List, see below.

Token Support:



Published List

No Label

Any token that doesn't appear on the Superform Unsupported Token List.



Tokens that appear on the Uniswap Unsupported List, the Blockchain Association SEC Action List, or are removed by Superform Labs for being proven scams, violating trademarks, or otherwise based on legal considerations. Full policy here.

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