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Unsupported Token List
Unsupported Token List
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Some ERC-20 token contracts are not available for depositing, withdrawing or using in any way on the Superform Labs App and API.

The Superform Protocol is non-upgradable and non-custodial. This means the protocol cannot be changed. Superform Labs builds products on top of that Protocol, like the App and API, is based in the United States, and is subject to certain laws and regulations.

The following categories are the circumstances under which Superform Labs may move a token to the Superform Unsupported Token List:

  1. Legal and regulatory requirements. A federal agency settlement or court judgment against the token’s issuer finds that the tokens are regulated financial instruments (e.g. securities or derivatives) when traded in secondary transactions.

  2. Fraud allegations. A major financial or criminal regulator files fraud allegations against the token issuer.

Access our Unsupported Token List here:

If you think your token has been put on this list in error, please file a ticket using our support center.

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