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Vault Lists
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How to get on the Superform Authenticated Vault List:

Follow the instructions in the Readme in this repo ->


Superform Labs aims to make the vault browsing experience permissionless and easily understandable. Anyone can lists vaults to the Superform protocol but not all vaults will appear by default in our App. The App will display vaults that have been added to the Superform Authenticated Vault List by the Superform Labs team. This authentication is a based on a number of criteria (see below) to reduce scams and impersonations. The Superform Authenticated Vault List should not be used to make decisions on which vaults are safe nor is it investment advice.

Anyone can make their own ERC-4626 Vault List using The Superform App will soon support a user importing a vault list and using that as their default browsing experience on the App so long as the vault's underlying assets aren't on the Superform Unsupported Token List. As the ERC-4626 standard develops, we expect more community-run vault lists to emerge.


To associate vault addresses to their protocols or creators, something that cannot be authenticated on-chain. This is done to reduce potential impersonations or scams that may impact users. We do not add, update or remove vaults based on any other criteria such as their investment, legal, security or any other considerations.


  1. The vault address, vault name and protocol name are publicly verifiable (i.e. they aren't making false representations).

  2. The vault conforms to the ERC-4626 standard and can be listed on the Superform.

Unauthenticated Vaults:

Vaults not added to the Superform Authenticated Vault List will show up as 'Unauthenticated' on the Superform App. To view these vaults, the user must select "Show unauthenticated vaults" on the App to view them.

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