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Which Vaults are Supported on Superform?
Which Vaults are Supported on Superform?
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Current Vault Support

Superform Labs is working with the community on extensions of ERC-4626 to support more types of yield in the future.

For a full list of supported vaults, visit the Superform App.

Potential Future Vault Support

  • ERC-4626 adapter for two sided LP pools

  • EIP-7540 for time-locked vaults

  • ERC-4626 with a KYC module

How to check if a vault can be listed on Superform

  1. Navigate to the account popover and select "ADD VAULT" or go to

  2. Enter in the contract address of the vault you want to add and select the chain the vault is on.

  3. Select "CHECK VAULT". This will run a quick check on the vault to make sure it is suitable for listing on Superform. The vault must meet the non-blocking listing criteria in order to be eligible to list.

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