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How to List a Vault
Updated over a week ago

Anyone can list a vault on Superform, it is a completely permissionless process.
To list a vault:

  1. Navigate to the account popover and select "ADD VAULT" or go to

  2. Enter in the contract address of the vault you want to add and select the chain the vault is on. This will run ERC-4626 property tests on the vault to make sure it is compatible for listing on Superform. The vault must meet the listing criteria in order to be eligible to list. Any vaults with critical failures will be prevented from being listed.

  3. After the vault checks have run successfully, select "NEXT".

  4. Fill out the required metadata fields indicated by the red asterisks, and any additional metadata fields you can provide data for.

  5. You can select any of the categories like "Fees," "Visualizations," and "Audits," to expand those sections.

  6. Select "LIST VAULT."

  7. You will need to send an on-chain transaction to complete the listing.

  8. That's it! After listing the vault you will be taken to the vault details page.

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