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Why is my transaction taking so long to process?
Why is my transaction taking so long to process?
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There are multiple reasons why transactions can take time to process. In all cases, you are not required to do anything but wait. All stuck transactions should be processed or refunded within 24 hours. If a transaction is stuck for longer feel free to file a support ticket.

  1. The data bridge/AMB selected is slow. When making a cross-chain deposit transaction on Superform, a round trip from the source chain, to the destination chain, and back to the source chain must be completed (visualization and explanation here). Depending on the bridges selected to transfer the data from the source chain, to the destination chain, and back to the source chain, it can take some time for the entire transaction lifecycle to complete.

    For example: Wormhole takes an average of 15 minutes to send data from one chain to another. That means Superform will take an average of 30+ minutes to complete a deposit using Wormhole as a data bridge (because there is also a deposit action and sometimes a swap), and 15+ minutes for a withdrawal (withdrawals don't need to message back to the source chain because SuperPositions are optimistically burned).

    Recommendation: If you want your SuperPositions minted faster, deselect Wormhole in your transaction preferences. On average your transactions will process faster, however that may come at the expense of cost as sometimes Wormhole may be a cheaper data bridge.

  2. The liquidity bridge is slow. Usually liquidity is bridged within 2 to 3 minutes, however bridges can sometimes take much longer than average to move tokens between chains.

    Recommendation: Choose a fast route in the bag. Note that estimated times are not always accurate, and these times only represent bridge estimates and not estimates for the entire deposit or withdrawal.

  3. The transaction is stuck for some reason. Below are some common reasons why a transaction could be stuck.

    • Price has moved out of range of your transaction's slippage parameters. This can happen when there is a swap on the destination chain. In this case, Superform will attempt to swap it every 5 minutes for up to 24 hours. If the price does not move back in range, your tokens will be refunded to you on the destination chain.

    • Some bridges require solvers to fulfill intents. Solvers could fail to fulfill the transaction in a reasonable amount of time.

    Recommendation: Set looser slippage parameters, or select routes which don't have a destination swap. Routes with a destination swap will have a red flag in the bag.

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