What are SuperPositions?
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SuperPositions are the token you receive when you deposit into a vault through Superform. They are a claim to the deposit you make into a vault.

Key Facts

  1. SuperPositions are minted to the chain you are depositing from (the source chain).

    Example: Depositing into a vault on Arbitrum from Optimism will result in a SuperPosition minted on Optimism.

  2. SuperPositions are tied 1:1 with the vault shares minted by the vault.

    Example: Alice deposits into a vault which mints 130 ERC-4626 vault shares. These 130 ERC-4626 vault shares are locked in the Superform contract, and Alice is minted 130 SuperPositions.

  3. SuperPositions (and vault shares in general) are not necessarily tied 1:1 with token amounts or fiat amounts

    Example: Alice deposits 50 frog tokens worth $100 into a vault which mints 130 vault shares (and therefore 130 SuperPositions).

  4. If you lose your SuperPositions, you lose the claim to your deposit.

  5. SuperPositions can be viewed on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea because SuperPositions conform to a modified version of the ERC-1155 standard.

Learn more about SuperPositions in our Mirror post: https://mirror.xyz/superform.eth/Fl8T7meWqq7Ko4_PG4MUv419jB7NIMMLCYGeQx6YXew

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