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What are SuperPools?
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SuperPools are an alternative way to access yield that can be cheaper and faster than traditional deposits.
SuperPools are liquidity pools of SuperPositions that allow users to directly swap into yield rather than depositing into a vault. This is especially useful for cross-chain SuperPositions that represent yield on another chain. Liquidity pools of cross-chain SuperPositions allow users to swap directly into yield rather than having to wait for a bridge and pay bridging fees. This can lead to massive cost savings if the SuperPositions represent yield on expensive chains like Ethereum mainnet.

Normal Same-chain Deposit

Swap->Deposit->Mint SuperPosition

Normal Cross-chain Deposit

Swap->Bridge->Deposit->Mint SuperPositions

SuperPool Deposit

Just Swap


How do I know if a vault has a SuperPool?

If a vault has a SuperPool available it will be indicated by a SuperPool icon.

How do I select a SuperPool route?

First, make sure to choose a funding token on a chain that has been indicated to have a SuperPool on it in the token selector.

In the route selection tool, select a SuperPool route.

Do I have to deposit through a SuperPool?

No, it's just an option if available.

Why do I need to "Enable Rewards" or "Transmute" my SuperPosition after getting it from a SuperPool?

You don't have to, however it's recommended that you do because you will not earn XP in Superform Safari unless your position is in ERC1155A form. You will know if your SuperPosition is in ERC20 form if the warning is displayed in your portfolio.

Are there any additional risks associated with using a SuperPool to access yield?

The only thing to be aware of is that being able to swap in and out of SuperPools is dependent on pool liquidity being available. Also, large swaps may incur so much slippage that it is cheaper to just deposit the standard way. This can always be evaluated by your expected output amount which is displayed on the app.

What happens if the SuperPool liquidity is low or very imbalanced?
Price may be unfavorable. You can always withdraw the standard way; you are never locked into to depositing/withdrawing via a SuperPool.

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