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What Types of Yield are Available on Superform?
What Types of Yield are Available on Superform?
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Superform lists a vast variety of yield types. Some examples are:

  • Aggregators

    • These vaults combine user deposits and use them to farm other protocols in DeFi, providing returns due to socialized gas costs and auto-compounding of rewards.

  • Lending

    • These vaults allow other DeFi users to borrow your funds against their collateral. Depositors earn yield from the interest rate paid by borrowers.

  • Strategy

    • These vaults pool user deposits and use them to execute automated investment strategies.

  • Tranche

    • Multiple classes of yield products, differentiated by the level of risk and the share of underlying yield assigned to each class.

Even within the same category, the mechanism of the vault and what it does with your funds can vary. All protocols and vaults listed on Superform have their own page where you can find additional details. For example:

These pages also contain links to the original protocol website and socials where you can find more information. You should always do you own research and fully understand the mechanics of the vault before depositing on Superform.

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