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Address Screening
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Superform Labs receives and analyzes blockchain intelligence provided by TRM Labs. TRM Labs combines on-chain data and insights with real-world investigations to identify financial crime and other harmful activities. Superform Labs uses this data to comply with US laws and regulations.

We intend to only block wallets that are owned or associated with clearly illegal behavior. For example: sanctions, terrorism financing, hacked or stolen funds, fraud, exploitation, human trafficking, and child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The tools provided by TRM help us determine this behavior.

We use TRM Labs to screen wallets interacting with the Superform App. Transactions or wallets that are flagged based on our policy will be prevented from interacting with Superform.

*Please note that we do not control TRM Labs or their independent determinations about risk categories and wallet addresses.

Additionally, our wallet provider, Dynamic, allows us to screen OFAC sanctioned address that attempt to connect to the Superform App. Wallets that are flagged by this tool are not provided access to the App.

If you feel that your wallet was blocked by mistake, please file a ticket in our support center on Intercom or in the 'Help-Zone' Discord channel.

Please note that neither their determinations, nor ours, are being reported to law enforcement. This is for internal compliance purposes only.

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